nfDAO 🤝 NFT Hack(by ETHGlobal)

The first grants round of nfDAO is right around the corner. We are pumped to announce that nfDAO will be sponsoring the upcoming NFThack from ETHglobal which is taking place from March 19th to March 21st.
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The prestige of ETHglobal events is known far and wide. We are excited to help boost admissions by announcing that nfDAO’s first grant round will go exclusively to projects from NFThack.

Apply to NFThack now right here 📝

What Does it All Mean?

nfDAO is committed to seeing quality projects get the funding and support they need to ensure the future of the NFT ecosystem, so we have allocated $15,000 between 3 categories that will allow nfDAO to boost some lucky teams 🔥

Categories Eligible for Funding: 

  • Platforms enabling artists to expand into the NFT space

  • Innovative experiences in digital native art

  • nfDAO’s choice 

NFT Hackers! Let’s #BUILD

NFTs have gone from a niche corner of the cryptoverse to mainstream faster than anything else in this industry. Let your ingenuity, creativity and development talent guide you to build an awesome hack to further the NFT movement.

We are excited to see what hackers will create in NFT Hack and super stoked to support them in their adventures.

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